The cryptocurrency trading space is fragmented and vulnerable—unsafe communication channels, limited network reach, unsecure trades, unclear pricing. OTC Trade addresses these issues by connecting buyers, sellers, and trading desks in a secure, centralized platform Read more







Why Use OTC Trade?

Your P2P crypto trading experience should be transparent, seamless, and hassle-free. Here’s how we make that happen

Verified traders

We verify every trader and trading desk who signs up on our platform, including background checks (KYC, AML, etc.). Avoid common scams you experience in finding questionable traders through Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other vulnerable communication channels.

Guaranteed transactions

We guarantee all transactions on our platform through Fireblocks, a next-level escrow solution that enables us to securely transfer your digital assets across exchanges, wallets, and counterparties. Plus, move funds quickly—in seconds, not hours.

Clear pricing

We keep pricing simple: 20% of the fee trading desks and brokers charge their users. For example, if a trading desk charges 1% on a $1M order, their fee would be $10K. Our fee would then be 20% of that fee, or $2,000.

Platform Features

Network discovery

Gain access to a vast network of pre-verified, legitimate trading desks and licensed broker-dealers—along with the deals they post. Choose a trader who’s featured, or search for one who meets your specific criteria

Live chat

Communicate directly with other platform members. You can request to join private networks, post and respond to offers, and discuss deal terms—all in a safe, encrypted space.

Feedback system

Inform your decision-making with our built-in feedback system. It enables traders and users to share feedback on their interactions with one another to maintain the quality of our user base.

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Join OTC Trade and never have to ask, is this deal real?

OTC Trade is your end-to-end solution for transparent crypto trading. We bring legitimacy to the space, and give you the tools you need to make deals safely and securely.

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